About Speckled Hen Floral

Welcome! I'm Elizabeth, the owner/farmer/artist of Speckled Hen Floral.  

Joyfully creative at heart, I taught K-8 art through Germany, Virginia and Maryland until settling down in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 2010.   

The land in Dickinson Township wraps us in creeks, farms and mountains in a way that eases the heart and adds to creative energy and unlimited possibilities.

My home gardens bean on an empty lot in 2011.   First trees, shrubs and bulbs adding more each year.  2019 was the year I discovered growing dahlias.  Little did I know they are highly addictive!  1 dahlia became 20, then 40...now I'm growing 100 dahlias.  Pink is my favorite, but I love them for their variety and prolific blooming from July through October.  As a flower addict, I am a member of the Gettysburg Dahlia Society and graduate of Floret's Farmer Florist program.  I launched Speckled Hen Floral in early 2023.

My focus is sharing flowers, creativity and building community.  Speckled Hen Floral creates and shares joy through the authentic beauty of seasonal, local blooms.  Creation is incredibly powerful, and arranging fresh flowers is a wonderful place to start.

I invite you to invigorate your creative soul with Speckled Hen Florals this season.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you do weddings?

Absolutely!!  As an artist and farmer-florist, I love creating event florals using unique themes reflecting my couples' relationship.  My ideal couples have an appreciation for the ceative and visual impact florals add to their wedding ceremony.  Please see our Event-Weddings tab to make an inquiry.

Can I order a floral arrangement?

YES!  I grow a wide variety of flowers which bloom May-November so there's always something special I can create for you.  Off season, I work with wholesalers to source the freshest blooms for holiday and event floral designs.

May I visit your business/farm?

Although I have an online storefront, I work from home and zoning doesn't permit streams of customers.  However, I do offer a couple private events and I'm open to creative ideas.

What flowers do you grow?

My top producers are my 120 dahlias blooming from July to the first frost in late October.  I also grow sweetpeas, snapdragons, lsianthus, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, zinna and a bunch of filler flowers and perennials. Look for seasonal flower photos on the Events-Weddings tab.

What's special about your painting art events?

I love seeing people's joy when they're trying something new while out of their comfort zone.  My lessons offer simple instruction with lots of individual choice so that finished works look like YOU painted it.  No cookie-cutter-copying in my classes.

How did you decide on the name Speckled Hen Floral?

Raising chickens was on my buck-list and my neighbor gifted me two chickens in 2022.  I was instantly smitten.  Hens are funny to watch (unless they're digging up my flowers).  Keeping living creatures in the garden adds a vibrant element to your life. Also, "speckled hen" conjures a whimsical, fun image ad that's exactly what I'm going for!